Inventor in the AEC world?Earlier this year, directors of the AEC specialist, CADline, acquired the manufacturing solutions reseller Midas Technology. We asked Paul Watson of Midas if this move reflects a general trend for architects and suppliers to work together more closely and how using Autodesk Inventor can help

ImageMany software firms claim to have invented BIM. When development work on a 2D/3D intelligent modelling system started in 1982, you might have the best claim to the title. By Martyn Day.

ImageThis week Nemetschek unveiled its new generation AEC product, Allplan BIM 2008, which uses the Building Information Modelling (BIM) industry term favoured by Autodesk and Bentley. Greg Corke reports.

Bentley Architectural Research SeminarAs part of its yearly BE event, Bentley holds a full day of seminars demonstrating how computer aided design and manufacturing technology is being used by the more adventurous practices and students.

Twice is once too often!When CAD replaced the drawing board it replicated a manual process. BIM is all about information capture and when an object changes, so does all the associated the data. Never again do you need to type the same note twice says Paul Woddy of CADline.

Making light work: part 4In the final part of Darren Brooker


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Five steps to better project deliveryConfused by project management technology? Russell Henley of Deltek gives some tips on what to look out for before you make your investment.

Train, train and train againTraining is often overlooked as a means of juggling the capital budget, but those who miss out are wasting great potential says David Payne of CADline.

Making light work: part IIIFollowing on from last month

One model too many?A consistent, accurate, verifiable and uniform London model, accessible by all and managed by a single entity, has tremendous benefits for the whole industry - visualisation companies, architects and developers alike, says Gareth Munro, Managing Director, Designhive.

Interoperability: structural engineering Structural design and engineering is an integral part of both Autodesk

Autodesk World Press DayIn light of amazing growth and a change in CEO, Autodesk is seeking to reinvent itself. The company

Oc? Openhouse 2007Imagine a gigantic exhibition hall crammed full of huge printers of every description and you

Making light work: part IIDarren Brooker introduces the second installment of his four-part comparison of the interior lighting methods available within 3ds Max, taking us through Global Illumination with mental ray.

London eyeSkyscrapers are set to transform the London skyline, but some fear they will destroy the capital


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Building Regulations, Part LPart L of the latest Building Regulations, which came into force in April 2006, is designed to cut carbon emissions by at least 20 per cent in dwellings and 27 per cent in other buildings, compared to the previous 2002 regulations. AEC Magazine discusses the implications for the building industry with CADline

Making light workThere are a whole host of approaches to lighting indoor spaces, which all have relative strengths and weaknesses. In the first part of a four-part comparison of these interior lighting methods, Darren Brooker walks us through lighting in conjunction with radiosity rendering.